KF "Vanyushkiny sweets" invites suppliers to take part in a tender for raw materials: flavors, agar, puffed rice, vanillin, vitamin premixes, glaze, glycerin, oatmeal, sugar dragee, yeast, gelatin, cocoa powder, concentrates, dyes, coconut flakes , cinnamon, starch, creams, sesame seeds, margarine, poppy seeds, butter, honey, powdered and whole milk, food additives, flour, fruit and fat fillings, molasses, pectin, dietary fiber, sprinkling, sugar, condensed milk, seeds and seeds, HPS syrup, soda, juices, salt, dry cottage cheese, fruits, halva, extracts and emulsifiers, egg and egg products.

You can send your proposals, as well as clarify the terms of the procurement tender by phone +79631102223

We will be happy to answer all your questions!