KF "Vanyushkiny sweets" is a close-knit team of professionals in all areas of the production process. The company actively applies a socially-oriented policy for the development and support of personnel. There is an effective system of benefits and material assistance, which allows to provide assistance to employees in difficult life situations.

We care about our staff not only during working hours, but also outside of it. A healthy lifestyle is actively supported at the factory: collective sports and cultural events, annual trips to sanatoriums and dispensaries are organized.

KF "Vanyushkiny sweets" assists in the development and training of its employees, conducting joint trainings, seminars, organizing advanced training courses. You can come to us with or without experience; we are ready to train you, support you at the stage of mastering the skills and abilities necessary for the successful performance of duties, contributing to professional and personal development, offering real opportunities for career growth.

Currently, the following vacancies are open at Vanyushkiny Sweets:

• Brigadier

- Distribution of production tasks between employees

- on-the-job training for new team members

- Quality control of products

- Need analysis.

- Reporting

• Production line operator

- Start-up and maintenance of equipment

- Control of the production process and finished products

• Collector

- Assembly of finished confectionery products in boxes

- Assessment of the quality of finished products

• Packer

- Packing and packaging of finished products

- Ensuring the presentation of the packaging

• Dough mixer

- Preparation of dough according to the recipe on dough mixers

 - Quality control of raw materials

• Gluer

- Gluing and assembly of finished products

- Packing in boxes

• Loader

- Loading works

Decent salary. Full social. package. Uniform. Service meals. Developed corporate culture.

Workshop addresses:

• Penza region, with. Zasechnoe, st. Machine operators, 23

• Penza, st. Cordon Studeny, 44

You can choose the most suitable territorial location for yourself.

To register for an interview, as well as to clarify more complete information about the available vacancies, their quality and quantity, you can contact the following numbers of the personnel department:

  • With. Zasechnoe, st. Mekhanizatorov, 23: tel. 67-97-97; 8-908-520-40-60
  • st. Cordon Studeny, 44: tel. 39-16-02

We are waiting for you at our factory and hope for fruitful cooperation!